Task Force

Willard Airport Governance and Sustainable Air Service Task Force

In December of 2013, at the recommendation of various community groups, Chancellor Phyllis M. Wise appointed an Advisory Task Force to examine the future direction of the University of Illinois Willard Airport. Members of the task force include:

Steve Carter (Chair), Tom Berns, Deb Busey, Lori Cowdrey Benso, Dorothy David, Mike DeLorenzo, Jayne DeLuce, William Dick, John Frasca, Gozen Hartman, Dick Helton, Bumsoo Lee, Dwight Miller, Alan Nudo, Laurel Prussing, Seamus Reilly, Chris Schroeder, Dan Sholem, Bill Volk, and Kristen Williamson

Staff supporting the Task Force include: Andréa Fain, Karl Gnadt, and Bruce Walden

The Task Force is charged with making community initiated recommendations to Chancellor Wise regarding short- and long-term strategies to achieve the overarching goal of sustaining and expanding local air service as a driver of local economic development and to serve the transportation needs of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The recommendations shall include a suggested business plan and recommendations for shared governance with options for additional community funding for Willard Airport generated by the local business community and/or the local government community. Specifically the Task Force shall:

  1. recommend funding options under various scenarios to augment University funding including but not limited to Airport Authority funding, various municipal and county revenues and other public or private funding options;
  2. assist the University in analyzing consultant’s reports to explore the development of a suggested business plan and the feasibility of governance transfer or modification;
  3. recommend short- and long-term steps and strategies to transfer or share in the governance of Willard Airport with local communities and the Champaign County based on various funding options and legal constraints;
  4. advise and consult as requested on various University air service initiatives; and
  5. conclude its work resulting in recommendations within a 12-month time frame.

Meetings of the Task Force are scheduled monthly with agendas posted on this site.

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