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Question: Do I need a photo ID to board my flight? 
Answer: Federal regulations require that all passengers show a government issued photo ID before being allowed to board a commercial plane. Real ID will be required May 7, 2025, a valid passport can also fulfill this requirement in lieu of a government issued ID.

Question: What time should I arrive at the airport for my flight? 
Answer: Most airlines generally suggest checking in at least 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time to allow time to pass through an airport’s security checkpoint. One of the advantages of using Willard Airport is the relative ease of the airport security checkpoint. If you plan to check a bag you must check-in and visit the ticket counter at least 45 minutes prior to departure.

Question:  Why can’t I check a bag 20 minutes before departure
Answer:  The airline’s computer system shuts off the ability to check a bag exactly 45 minutes prior to departure.  This allows time for the TSA to screen the bag and for the bag to be loaded on the airplane for an on-time departure.

Question: What carry-on restrictions may I expect? 
Answer: Usually you may bring one carry-on item plus a briefcase or purse. Carry-on abilities may be restricted by your carrier or aircraft type. Carry-on luggage dimensions may vary by carrier. For example, American Airlines allows the carry-on item to be 22″ X 14″ X 9″.

PROHIBITED ITEMS AT THE SECURITY CHECKPOINT (Items subject to change) Ammunition, Automatic weapons, Axes, BB guns, Baseball bats, Billy Clubs, Blackjacks, Blasting caps, Bows and Arrows, Box cutters, Brass Knuckles, Bull whips, Cattle prods, Compressed air guns, Corkscrews, Cricket bats, Crowbars, Disabling chemicals or gases, Dynamite, Fire extinguishers (except as authorized by Fire code), Flare pistols, Golf Clubs, Gun lighters, Gun powder, Hammers, Hand grenades, Hatchets, Hockey Sticks, Hunting knives, Ice axe/ice pick, Knives (any length), Kubatons, Large heavy tools (wrenches, etc.), Mace, Martial arts devices, Meat cleavers, Metal scissors with pointed tips, Nunchucks, Pellet guns, Pepper spray, Pistols, Plastic explosives, Pool cues, Portable power drills, Portable power saws, Razor blades (not in cartridge), Religious knives, Replica weapons, Revolvers, Rifles, Road flares, Sabers, Screwdrivers, Scuba knives, Shot guns, Ski poles, Spear guns, Starter pistols, Straight razors, Stun guns/shocking devices, Swords, Tear gas, Throwing stars, Toy transformer robots (forms toy gun), Toy weapons. TSA What Can I Bring?

Question: How much does it cost to park my car at the Airport?
Answer: Parking at CMI is $7 per day or $35 per week. If you are here for 8 days your fee would be $42 ($35 for the week + $7 for one day extra). Payment may be made by credit card or debit card at the exit gate.

Question: Why does Willard charge for parking when some other regional airports don’t?
Answer: Other airports generate revenue for infrastructure improvements through the local Airport Authority via local and county taxes. For example, the Bloomington airport receives a percentage of property taxes collected from every property owner in McLean County.  Revenues generated from parking at CMI are used to support the maintenance and service of the parking lots and airport facilities.

Question: Is there a lost and found office at the Airport?
Answer: Lost and Found items are located in the Airport Administration Office on the second floor of the terminal.  Please fill out the Lost and Found Report. You may call us at 217-244-8604 or email us at willard-airport@illinois.edu.

Question: Is smoking allowed at Willard Airport?
Answer: Willard Airport is a smoke free facility, which includes vaping.

Question: Where can I get information on job opportunities at the Airport?
Answer: The University of Illinois Human Resources handles most University jobs at the airport. Visit Illinois Human Resources. You may also contact individual airlines for their employment opportunities.

Question: What services are available to help my disabled friend/relative while they are at the Airport?    Answer: Willard Airport is committed to providing safe access to all public areas of the terminal building for all users of the Airport. An elevator to the second floor is available for those unable to use the stairs or the escalator. Handicapped parking is available for those with appropriate credentials. Disabled passengers should notify the airline on which they are traveling to request assistance with boarding and during flight.

Question: What if I have lost my plane ticket? 
Answer: Airline policy for lost tickets vary according to the individual airline. Contact the airline you are flying with for specific information.

Question: I would like to advertise in the CMI terminal. Who must I contact?
Answer: CMI presents an excellent venue for advertising your product or business. Hundreds of thousands of people pass through the airport’s doors each year. Contact Willard Airport Administration at 217-244-8604 or at willard-airport@illinois.edu.

Question: Why can’t I get a direct flight to the city of my choice?
Answer: With daily flights to Chicago O’Hare and Dallas-Fort Worth you can get your destination domestically or internationally with just one stop. Airport administration is continuously engaging with airlines to increase air service options for Willard Airport.

Question: Is cannabis allowed at Willard Airport?
The University of Illinois does not allow for the possession or use of cannabis on any University property, including Willard Airport.

Question: Do you have a pet relief area?
Answer: We do have a pet relief area. Please contact an airline or airport employee who will escort you and your pet to the designated area.

We appreciate your business.
If you have any questions, comments, requests, or suggestions, please send them to:

Willard Airport Administration
11 Airport Road
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(217) 244-8604