Welcome to Willard Airport

Lost & Found

Personal Items Lost in Terminal

Willard Airport maintains a lost and found for items lost or misplaced, located in the Airport Administration office (2nd floor). If you have lost or misplaced a personal item somewhere in the terminal please visit Airport Administration, call the Airport Administration office at 217-244-8604, or send an email to willard-airport@illinois.edu.

TSA Security Screen Checkpoint

For items lost or left behind at the TSA Security Screening checkpoint, please call 217-403-7483 to speak with a TSA supervisor, or return to the TSA Security Screening checkpoint if it is still open.

Lost or Delayed Baggage

In the unfortunate event of lost or delayed baggage, American Airlines is your first point of contact. If you notice your luggage is not on the carousel, immediately make a claim with an American Airline representative at the check-in counter.  If no one is at the counter, please ring the bell for service. The bell button is located on the front of the counter.  If no one responds, please note that they may be working with the incoming/outgoing flight and call the number below.  The airline will make arrangements with you so that you are updated on the status of your bag and delivery can also be scheduled.

American Airlines
Lost Baggage: call 447-232-6305