Welcome to Willard Airport

Lost & Found

Personal Items Lost in Terminal

Willard Airport maintains a Lost & Found for items lost or misplaced.

  • The Lost & Found is located in the Airport Administration office on the 2nd floor of the main terminal. The Airport Administration office is open from 8 AM – 4:30 PM CT, Monday – Friday. Please note the office is closed on weekends and all holidays observed by the University of Illinois.
  • Contact us:

TSA Security Screen Checkpoint

Items lost or left behind at the TSA Security Screening checkpoint:

  • Call 217-403-7483 to speak with a TSA supervisor
  • Return to the TSA Security Screening checkpoint when it is open.

Lost or Delayed Baggage

Please call our local American Airlines team at 447-232-6305. The airline will make arrangements with you on the status of your bag and how to return it to you.

If your luggage is not on the carousel, immediately make a claim with an American Airline representative at the check-in counter on the main floor of the terminal.

  • If no one is at the counter, please ring the bell for service. The bell button is located on the front of the counter.
  • If no one responds to the bell, please understand that the airline staff may be working with the incoming/outgoing flight and call 447-232-6305.