Making Security a Breeze

Willard Airport was proud to be awarded $1 million in federal funding for a new security checkpoint.  The money was the last piece of funding for the $2.6 million project, with most of the other funds coming from the federal infrastructure bill.

The current single-lane checkpoint, which is located on the bridge between the main terminal and the gate area, causes large backups – especially in the morning when multiple flights are departing.  The lines for the checkpoint often go down the stairs to the main terminal, clogging access to the gates.

The new checkpoint will use empty space to the right of the escalators as one ascends from the main terminal.  That space is, essentially, above the ticket counters.  It is perfectly located for a queuing area.  It will also allow for more screening equipment, as passengers rebound following the pandemic.  After the project’s completion, there will be two checkpoint lanes, processing passengers at twice the current rate.

The project also brings Willard Airport into compliance with current TSA regulations, without expanding the terminal, which would have cost millions more.

Design work for the project is already underway.  Construction should begin by the middle of 2023, with completion slated for 2024.

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