Ion Grove Café Set to Open in Gate Area

Passengers might want to arrive a little early at Willard Airport, as Ion Grove Café will start serving healthy meals, snacks, and drinks in the gate area at Willard Airport by early spring. The Café will feature locally sourced foods, as Phil Rowell, co-founder of Ion Grove, says, “go beyond the typical grab-and-go meals.”

The highlight might be the barista. Rowell says the Café, “will feature a coffee robot.” The Café will also sell, “local retail products and a menu that puts a spotlight on locally sourced foods, all conveniently located planeside.”

The menu includes vegan and vegetarian options and was developed with food allergies in mind. Drinks will feature Coke products, coconut water, coffee and tea.

Merchandise will be offered from local suppliers.

“Our goal is to make the airport experience not just bearable but enjoyable,” said Rowell. “We want to provide quality food and services that have a positive impact on our travelers. The idea was inspired by our love for our community, our passion for good food and the desire for travelers to have a uniquely welcoming place to relax and recharge.”

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