Breaking Ground on the New Rental Car Wash Facility

Construction is beginning on the $2.3 million rental car service facility at Willard Airport.  The “quick turnaround” facility is designed to expedite cleaning and maintenance processes, allowing for a faster turnaround time for the vehicles.

After a customer returns a rental car, the company brings it to the quick turnaround facility.

Rental car staff inspect the returned vehicle for any damage. They note any issues or necessary repairs that need to be addressed before the car can be rented out again.

The vehicle goes through a thorough cleaning process. This includes vacuuming the interior, washing the exterior, and detailing to ensure it’s presentable for the next customer. The new Willard Airport quick turnaround facility will have modern wash systems to efficiently handle multiple vehicles simultaneously.  Once the vehicle has been inspected and cleaned, and any necessary maintenance completed, it is ready for the next customer.

The facility will save the rental car companies time as the new facility will be located adjacent to the main terminal. It also reduces carbon emissions as fewer cars will have to leave the airport property for servicing.

The facility is funded through rental car concessions fees and the anticipated completion of the project is December 2023.

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